Dana Rohanová

Assistant Professor

Department of Glass and Ceramics, Faculty of Chemical Technology

Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (ICT Prague)

Address:  Technická 5, 166 28  Praha 6, Czech Republic

Tel.: 00420 220 444 221

E-mail:  dana.rohanova@vscht.cz


Employment History

2005 – till now    Assistant Professor, Department of Glass and Ceramics, FCT ICT Prague

1997 – 2004:                  Research Associate, Laboratory of Inorganic Materials, Joined Laboratory of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. and ICT Prague

1993 – 1997:      Researcher - the field of ceramic dental filling, Dental Ltd., Prague




1993:  Ph.D. study programme: Chemistry and technology of inorganic non-metal materials, Department of Glass and Ceramics, ICT Prague

Doctor thesis: Interaction of glass-ceramics biomaterials with stimulated body fluid


1989: Master study programme: Technology of glass, FCT ICT Prague

Diploma thesis: Vitrification of the middle - active wastes from the nuclear power plants

Academic degree

1993  Doctor (eq. to Ph.D.)

1989  Master of Engineering


Main research activities

  • Preparation of bioactive layer on inert materials (Ti, Ti alloys, ZrO2)
  • In vitro testing of glass, glass-ceramics and ceramics (HAp, TCP)
  • Interaction of archaeological glasses with environment
  • Corrosion of glasses
  • Archaeological and historical glass conservation and restoration
  • Oxidation-reduction equilibrium in glasses (Red-Ox) (measurement at high temperature)

Abroad stays

2008 - Imperial College London, Great Britain, Department of Materials (Academic Exchange at the laboratory deals with biomaterials research, Head of Laboratory - Prof. Aldo Boccaccini)


2006 - Diana Centre for Preventive Conservation, Beograd, Serbia (Courses of glass conservation and restoration, leaded by Sandra Davison - GB)

Academic Award Received

1999 – Young Scientist Award (Czech Glass Society)


Member of Organizations

§           Czech Glass Society (CGS) - since 2004

§           The Association for the History of Glass Limited, London, UK - since 2010



Main publications:

  1. El-Maghraby FH, Gedeon O, Rohanová D. Greish YE. Compressive strength and preliminary in vitro evaluation of gypsum and gypsum-polymer composites in protein-free SBF at 37oC. Ceramic International 2010; 36: 1561 – 1569.
  2. Rohanová D, Hradecká H, Kozáková R. Corrosion of glass and treatment with archaeological glass. Studying Messages of Archaeological Department of SAV. 2009; 46: 163 – 169.
  3. Rohanová D., Touš M.  Helebrant A. Strnad J. Amorphous calcium phosphate layer prepared ultrasonically on Titanium. 22nd International Symposium on Ceramics in Medicine Daegu, Korea, Proceedings ed. by Sukyoung Kim. Bioceramics 22. 2009; 253 – 256.
  4. Rohanová D, Yunos MD, Chatzistavrou X, Boccaccini AR, Horkavcová D, Brázda L, Helebrant A. Dynamic in vitro testing of resorbable materials in simulated body fluid (SBF) Proceedings: Ceramics, Cells and Tissues, 12th Annual Seminar and Meeting Faenza, Italy, ed. by  Ravaglioli A, Krajewski A:  2009; 159 – 167.
  5. Horváthová R, Rohanová D, Helebrant A. The calcium phosphate formation on Ti alloy by precalcification process at static conditions. Ceramics – Silikáty 2006; 50 (3): 153 – 158.
  6. Vondrák J, Rohanová D, Klápště B, Velická J. Voltametric measurement of the Pt electrode capacity and the determination of the polyvalent ions diffusion coefficients in the glass melt, Ceramics – Silikáty 2003; 47 (2): 51 – 55.
  7. Rohanová D. The redox state – an important value not only for scientists, The first Slovak glass conference Trenčín, Slovakia. 2000.
  8. Kloužek J, Rohanová D. The measurement of oxygen partial pressure and characterization of oxidation- reduction equilibrium in glass melts. Ceramics-Silikáty 1999; 43 (3): 94 – 99.
  9. Hlaváč J, Rohanová D, Helebrant A. The effect of Tris buffer on the leaching behaviour of bioactive glass-ceramics. Ceramics-Silikáty 1994; 38: 119 – 122.