Laboratory of Inorganic Binders

Research groups


Inorganic Binders

geopolymers • fixation of heavy metals • portland cements • gypsum binders • corrosion • recyclation of inorganic wastes

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Laboratory of the Structure of Materials

historic glass • electron microscopy and microanalysis • optical microscopy and image analysis • ceramics • rheology of suspensions • development of refractory concretes and fibre reinforced insulating materials

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Model Laboratory

computational and physical modeling of glass furnaces • development of new glasses • inorganic-organic glasses • conducting glasses • optical waveguides • glass electrochemistry

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theory of heterogeneous materials • ceramic raw materials • rheology of suspensions • ceramics • degradation and ageing • historic ceramics • dental ceramics

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Laboratory of the Chemistry and Technology of Glass

sol-gel method • bioactive materials • interaction of glass with water solutions • glass corrosion

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